Dedicated Departments

SPECIALITIES - Consumables, materials, and equipment

P.P.E., CONSTRUCTION, cleaning and maintenance, equipment and laboratory reagents, public hygiene animal health...

ALMinternational commercialise a complete range of specific products designed for professionals by type of sector: P.P.E., public hygiene, animal health, agri-food, oil and gas, mining, forestry, agricultural, livestock, construction, research, education, medical, etc.
Thanks to the diversity of its range Specialities department can offer “one-stop-shop” solutions (purchase centralization) to the professionals of any sector with quality of listening, flexibility, and service.

Our sales teams ensure the quality of the products in compliance with the latest European regulations in force (REACH, CLP, CE, etc.). Sensitive and trained to the environmental issues our teams are your privileged partners whatever the nature of the needs.

Specialities Department

+33 (0)3 80 97 36 29

Our desire is to provide you with the best possible support in the implementation of your specific projects. Our know-how, our partners, and our knowledge of the supply chain ensure the delivery of your group purchases. Benefit the diagnosis of our experts for turn-key solutions and follow-up (contract labs, hotels, hospitals, etc.). Our subsidiaries and partners guarantee the quality of our local services.



Implementation of procedures and trainings for your teams


« Specific solutions, tailor-made,
in compliance with your commitments. »