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An international network

ALMinternational, is a network of companies, expert for more than 40 years in tailor made products and solutions dedicated to Industry, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, and Health of Water in Africa.
Enjoy the benefit of ALM’s know-how, from the purchasing of controlled origin professional products in accordance with the international regulations, to the shipping of your goods through our network of subsidiaries and local distributors.
ALMinternational supply chain is specialised in import-export and major export issues and the services of their dedicated departments.

Company’s development is based on services and specific expertise. Our sales teams, first rate professionals in their field, provide dedicated attention and understanding to the requests and projects of our customers.
Our technical staffs have their skills regularly updated. They fully benefit from the sharing of experience, feedback from field employees and innovation offering our customers the most adequate solutions to their areas of activity.
Integrity, safety, collaboration, creativity, reliability, curiosity and open minded are key values of our teams, the lifeblood of our companies that guarantee the quality of the service provided and the image of ALMinternational.
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Our international presence is based on our international network of subsidiaries, purchasing offices, partners and distributors, the essential relays for our development. This network allows local interventions and ensures the follow-up and quality of our services from order to the implementation, particularly in the African continent.

Our international presence:

    and control of products

    and allows close monitoring

    in particular the regulations

    and ensures their delivery

    by the teams of experts with a diagnosis on site

    and our quality commitments

To strengthen the operation of the group ALMinternational has reinforced its network through permanent external consultants: a financial team, international business lawyers, legal and social expert lawyers and advisers.« Support the success and development of your projects by facilitating group purchasing and delivery. »

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1979, ALMinternational, a family company was established in Paris and quickly became a key player in the trade with Africa, thanks to the close relations of the historical founders with the continent. To satisfy more effectively the growing demand of the market and to comply with the various fields of activity ALMinternational decided to develop and adapt to the constantly evolving African market.
Complementary associations: the skills of the subsidiaries and partners then allowed the young company to offer more comprehensive ranges of services and products, and to operate locally.

… 2021, ALMinternational GROUP includes 8 entities: :
1 Head office, 1 R&D office, 4 subsidiaries in Africa, 1 purchasing office in China and 1 in Turkey, distributors in Africa and in Europe, and a partnership with the most famous brands of products.
ALMinternational GROUP guarantees:
a personalized audit, tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific sectors of activity, implementation and follow-up of your projects and delivery of your group purchases,
... and relies on their expert teams and partners, their range of professional products, approvals, and certifications to ensure meeting the requests of made in Africa content to satisfy the demands, the regulations, of a constantly evolving market.

« Quality is a matter of common sense, sharing it, is progressing. »
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A comprehensive network

An international network of experience sharing. The great experience of our subsidiaries and partners, the constant innovation of our R&D department benefit the whole group. Within this framework of exchange, we share the same commitments of Quality, Respect and Responsibility in our activities and our human resources policy.

Companies of the Group rely on the skills of their teams and on the selected highly specialized and complementary competences. Each project is managed within the Company, by a specific team of technicians and experts and a dedicated logistics chain.
The customer relationship is coordinated by a single point of contact in our sales team (10+ languages spoken).

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